The electric vehicle industry, including battery pack makers, has encouraged the public authority to expand the cut off time for carrying out extra wellbeing guidelines ordered….


Fast Reception of E-Cycles-Transforming Urban Mobility Habits

Transportation is a basic component of metropolitan framework and the metropolitan versatility propensities for a populace straightforwardly affect its social, monetary, and natural wellbeing. With the outflows from customary


Business-to-business trade player Strip Works is likely the principal firm that is wanting to supplant its whole armada of non-renewable energy source based conveyance vehicles with electric ones and secure 100 EVs in the primary


The EV creators on Friday invited the changed battery wellbeing standards advised by the public authority, as customers’ apprehension develops over battery blasts and fire episodes, particularly in the EV bikes….


To speed up adoption of electrical vehicles and simplicity vary tension of finish shoppers, the govt. is functioning on launching Associate in master app which will offer knowledge on the spot and accessibility of auto charging stations…


In 2022, India turned into the fourth biggest country on the planet by appraisal of the auto business and it adds to around 6.4% of India’s GDP. Yet, the significant test for the business is increasing contamination and high fuel rate, fuel costs in India are exceptionally high……..


Motor vehicle manufacturers and providers are confronting an emotional deficiency of computer chips internationally. This lack was brought about by a gigantic expansion popular for PCs, cell phones, and other custom hardware during the COVID-19 pandemic that outperformed the ongoing stock of semiconductors……

Lack of EV chargers doesn’t deter EV adoption, study suggests

Charging foundation has been a worry for EV reception. Individuals purchasing electric vehicles makes introducing more chargers advantageous…

Why Mercedes-Benz’ Piston Cars Are Losing Sales, But EV Sales Almost Doubled?

In a new official statement, Mercedes-Benz had terrible news: generally speaking deals are down. Luckily for the organization…

Electric Vehicles ARAI Standards and Regulations in India

India has the fourth-biggest car industry on the planet. The business is extending with a build yearly development rate (CAGR) of 7.01%. ……

India’s Electric Vehicle Sales Trend for 2021

EV innovation is drawing in eyeballs worldwide to decrease the reliance on non-renewable energy sources and accomplish the worldwide objective of zero-fossil fuel by product and……….

Factors affecting the Electric Car range

EV range, set forth plainly, is the distance a vehicle can go on a solitary charge. These evaluations, provided by the Natural Insurance Office, are just that: gauges. According ……….

Why does Electric Scooter catch Fire? How to prevent it from catching fire?

Last month, a video of an electric bike bursting into flames in the Lohegaon area of Pune went viral on social media platforms. About a day after this occurrence, another………

Startup’s ‘Made-in-India’ Li-Ion Battery Cells for EVs Can End Foreign Imports

In the first step towards making India self-reliant in meeting its future electric mobility goals, Bengaluru-based deep-technology startup Log9 Materials unveiled India’s first………

3 Surprising Marketing Benefits of Electric Car Charging Stations

The change to e-mobility is acquiring pace. As nations all over the planet hone their emphasis on bringing down fossil fuel by-products, there are more electric vehicles (EVs)……..

Job Opportunity After Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering as a calling manages the examination, planning, and production of machines that either produce power or consume the ability to tackle issues or fill a need….

Job Opportunities After Computer Science Engineering

With the expansion in digitalization and the presence of PCs all over, numerous understudies pick software engineering designing (CSE) as a favored instructive course……

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