Why tractors dont have suspension?

The implements are attached to the tractor body which one would not want to move up and down…

Why There Are More Gears In Automatic Cars?

One of the main reasons for making an automatic transmission with more gears is for smoother acceleratio….

Why The Break Pedal Is Bigger In Automatic Cars?

Break pedals are bigger because it’s a bigger target to hit when in a panic stop. It would be bigger in a ma…

Why Its Important To Change Car Filters?

Dirty or damaged air filters reduce the air flow to the engine, changing your car’s air-fuel balanc….

Why There Is A Plastic Cover On Engines?

These plastic covers do actually serve a function. First of all, they are there to reduce noise. Plastic is a de….

Why There Is A Cap on Tires Air Valve?

The tire valve stem cap is a critical component of the tire because it helps maintain tire pressure. Every tire….

Why Trucks Have Double Tyre In The Rear End?

he technical term is “dual rear wheel”, called dually or DRW for short, and it all comes down to increas….

Why Fuel Injectors Are Used In Petrol Vehicles?

The injector simply acts as a spray nozzle to break up the fuel into a fine spray – it doesn’t actually con…

What is the difference between wheel balancing and wheel alignment?

he Difference: Wheel alignment is the term for how your wheels sit when mounted to your car and…

Why Petal Disc Brakes Are Used?

The reason petals are given is if the disc is expected to undergo heavy braking forces and has to dissipate a lot of heat….

Why Intake valve is bigger than exhaust valve?

The valve is opened by the cam and the valve spring is closed. When the mixture needs to be sucked into the cylinder, the intake valve will open; when the exhaust gas after combustion needs to be……….

Will charging an EV at home raise your electricity bill?

The amount you typically drive in an average month will determine the actual electrical costs of your at-home charging station. For example, if you drive 1,000 kms every month……….

Why the speed range in speedometer is higher than actual speed of vehicle?

No, it’s not a marketing gimmick. The upper limit of a speedometer, or any other type of gauge or indicator, is selected purposely to be higher than it should ever see, even under extreme conditions………..

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