Why does Electric Scooter catch Fire? How to prevent it from catching fire?

Last month, a video of an electric bike bursting into flames in the Lohegaon area of Pune went viral on social media platforms. About a day after this occurrence, another e-bicycle disintegrated because of an electrical short-out disaster in Vellore, Tamil Nadu, bringing about two casualties. After that, again four Electric Scooters(EVs) transmitted smoke, subsequently raising caution over the well-being of these E-bikes. Occurring when the late spring is simply starting to set in across the subcontinent and when individuals are effectively considering changing to Electric scooters, these occasions have ignited boundless worries. To comprehend the issues that could have led to the new flames and to be familiar with the reasons, WION addressed Aravind Kumar Chandiran, Assistant Professor, Dept of Chemical Engineering, IIT-Madras. The way to handle such issues lay in the Battery Management System calculations. Cell phones and Electric scooters have a ‘Battery Management System'(BMS), which is intended to deal with a battery-powered battery, guarantee it works securely and proficiently.

Reason Why Electric Scooter Catch Fire

BMS is made to screen the parameters(temperature, charging, releasing) related to the battery pack and its singular cells, apply the gathered information to wipe out dangers, and advance the battery execution. Electric scooters work in climactic circumstances that win across India, which incorporates cold to hot and humid weather and the battery is expected to work across these spots. In like manner, numerous clients ride the EV for a couple of hours consistently and for extended periods, while other people use it casually for short rides. There are likewise contrasts in charging designs that the clients follow. The calculations in the BMS should be widely tried for these progressively differing conditions, to work with best and safe execution of the batteries” he explained. Considering that EVs are in the underlying phases of reception in India, Aravind Kumar is of the assessment that it is the finished liability of the Original Equipment Manufacturers and EV organizations to convey all around tried scooters, that are appropriate for Indian circumstances and clients. Further, he additionally feels that batteries radiating smoke and bursting into flames are important for a developmental cycle that was seen even in cell phone batteries and was at last consummated. Talking about the central point behind harm caused to electric scooter batteries, he said that it very well may be due to warm abuse(high or low-temperature varieties), mechanical abuse(accident or crash), and electric abuse(overcharging and discharging cycles). He added that their lab at IIT Madras was additionally directing controlled blasts in batteries by actuating the above mishandles, to all the more likely comprehend what explicit elements lead to the smoke and fire. By recognizing these side effects or any moment details changes that we see in the batteries under misuse, we will want to distinguish the issues beforehand and develop sensors or cautions to alert the rider. When a battery begins transmitting smoke, there is something like 30-60seconds for departure and that time is exceptionally essential for the rider. Moreover, the passage of water into the battery frameworks through harm can likewise be a purpose for the occasions that can light a fire.

How to prevent it from catching fire?

However, to overcome such events, OEMs utilize refined battery the board frameworks. These can prevent harm to the battery units and shut them down in instances of danger. The disappointments that cause flames can be because of a manufacturing defect or even blunders in the product that screens the battery, or design flaw.

Without exhaustive examination, pinpointing the specific reason for disappointment in most battery units is hard. Indeed, even with the examination, reenacting the specific states of the fire is incredibly troublesome. Battery producers and OEMs are continually working to make safe yet exceptionally energy-thick battery units. In such circumstances, even a little error can result in a higher-than-ordinary possibility of disappointment prompting EV fires. These incidents will have a close term sway which is somewhat negative for the segment. But this won’t be an obstruction (in EV deals). This is another age industry and any such industry will observe getting teeth issues.

Will It Effect the Future Growth of EV Industry?

Around the world, the EV business has seven to eight players who rule the market though in India there are some 25-30 organizations and new companies, which are into assembling two-and three-wheeler EVs. In this way, the sort of interaction they have at their end they will likewise go through the expectation to learn and adapt. Furthermore, the business will find an opportunity to achieve development.

As a quick viewpoint, there could be an arrangement of discernment regardless of whether these scooters are protected. The public authority has proactively begun a free test into the discharge occurrences to figure out the reason or purpose for these incidents.

Ultimately, however, what will be key is how India handles probably its greatest shortcoming in an appropriate and guaranteeing manner

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